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Founding Editor: Howard Rheingold

Managing Editors: Charles Jeffrey Danoff and Charlotte Pierce

Contributors: Bryan Alexander, Paul Allison, Elisa Armendáriz, Régis Barondeau, Doug Breitbart, George Brett, Suz Burroughs, Teryl Cartwright, Joseph Corneli, Jay Cross, Julian Elve, María Fernanda Arenas, James Folkestad, Kathy Gill, John Glass, John Graves, Jan Herder, Matthew Herschler, Gigi Johnson, Anna Keune, Kyle Larson, Roland Legrand, Amanda Lyons, Dorotea Mar, Christopher Tillman Neal, Ted Newcomb, Stephanie Parker, Miguel Ángel Pérez Álvarez, David Preston, Paola Ricaurte, Stephanie Schipper, Lisa Snow MacDonald, Peter Taylor, Fabrizio Terzi, and Geoff Walker

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